7Chakram teaches the Art of Living RIGHT, with the Power of knowing. Meditation is the tool used to achieve this, and Chakra Meditation is the most powerful and relevant meditation practice as defined by the Vedas and Siddhars (Ancient scriptures and sages).


Its is founded and guided by our Revered Guruji Sri Kriyathasa Sekar. 7Chakram is dedicated to utilizing and activating inner success mechanism and personal well being for everyone. As an organization our members hail from a variety of different backgrounds, occupations and beliefs. Together we form a cohesive environment for personal unfolding and service to others. We make available and teach practical techniques and meditations that enable people to enrich and simplify their lives. Many people from all walks of life have benefited from using these simple yet effective methods.


Being non-denominational, we don’t emphasize on religious, political or financial affiliations and are a community of like-minded individuals striving to empower each other and you.


Fundamentally we encourage everyone to become Teachers themselves, and as you expand and share your experiences, your life will be a living testament of the inner success mechanism of the Seven Chakras.
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