What is Meditation?

  • All religions practice meditation, but in different ways and form
  • Meditation is an art form of focusing your mind
  • You are all Divine spiritual beings having a human experience.
  • We are learning on how to have the right experience

The delivery structure of our meditation teaching session will be as follows:

Level 1: Introductory Meditation

Beginner session to learn the art of focusing the mind and basic meditation.

All new joiners will undergo this basic introductory session to learn simple technique on how to focus the mind. The same technique can be applied in daily life and significant improvements in all area of life can be observed when practiced and applied regularly.

Level 2: Chakra Meditation

Meditation session for Activating, Healing and Balancing your Chakras. Refer to Chakra Meditation page to further understand the importance of having a balanced Chakras.

Participants are encouraged to join these sessions as many times as possible as it will help you anchor your positive thinking and lead you towards a happy and prosperous life and lifestyle.

Level 3: Advanced Meditation

Intensified Meditation techniques and practices.

This is for people who are willing to practice meditation at least 1-2hours a day and are keen to become teachers. It is purely for selected individuals only.

What is Meditation?
What Are Chakras?
Chakra Meditation
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