Swami Guru Sri Kriyathasa Sekar was born in Port Dickson, Malaysia. He grew with the belief that his mother is “Sri Mahamariamman”, Port Dickson, the Great Supreme Divine Mother, known affectionately as Amma to him. Both of them have a strong bond of Divine love, that had helped Swami to attain the Divine connection.Throughout his life, Swami had many intuitions about his life and had always guided by AMMA. She helps him make all the decisions in his life, both personal and career.

In 2009, Swami had to take a break from his career. For 30 months since then, he focused on meditation as guided by AMMA, though he had been meditating since 1996, this was the beginning of a great journey.In February 2009, he was initiated by Maha Avatar Kriya Babaji. Babaji appeared in front of him in full form and touched Swami’s ring finger and the energy from Babaji was thrust into Swami’s body. Swami knew that he had to become a guide to teach people on how to live life the right way. Since then, all the meditation and teaching that is conducted by Swami is done with Babaji’s energy and guidance.

Swami never prepares for a session, and though he has conducted hundreds of session, no two has been the same. Throughout, the 30 months, Babaji has guided him to start 7 Chakram and the teachings by it. He has ascended many times in his spiritual journey, and all of them have been a surprise to Swami, as he does not seek anything from Divine.

Swami also helps people by counseling them on a personal basis too, in areas of relationships, health, career, businesses and many others too.

As a person who teaches the art of living right, Swami has also excelled in his career and family life too. He is a Director of a large investment bank in Malaysia. He is married with 3 children.

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